Northwest Independent Scholars Association

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

at Margaret DeLacy's house

Call 503-774-7017 for directions

David Ritchie will speak on

"The Mortar and the Sword: Weapons in Fantasy and Reality"

David writes, "The last talk I gave at ICOHTEC was about changes in the display aspect of weapons and their relationship to Modernism.  Chapter Two, if I can call it that, is about changes to the reality of weapons themselves and their status in our moral imagination.
Weapons are designed to harm people, so an alien from space might be forgiven the assumption that we humans love or hate weapons equally.  But in fact we hate I.E.D.ís and love tanks, hate gas, love suits of armor.  Some have suggested that there are gender or even sexual elements to this division.  Roman soldiers made crude jokes about swords and scabbards, perhaps because the Latin for scabbard is vagina.  Helen Caldecott wrote of Missile Envy.
My thesis is that closing with the enemy is understood to be heroic because itís a dangerous thing to do, but for other reasons too."


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