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WEDNESDAY,  February 24 at 12:00 PM 

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BARBARA CANAVAN will speak on


"Zoonotic Disease: Past and Present"

The History of Science Society (HSS) is creating a specialized publication about pandemics to include bibliographical essays by specialists in relevant fields.?nbsp; My contribution (under peer review) focuses on zoonotic disease: what it is, how and when it occurs, and its links to environmental conditions. The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is the latest example but is not the first deadly pathogen to jump from animals to infect humans. Scientific knowledge about zoonotic diseases is advancing rapidly but historical perspectives are still emerging. Thus, "historians in lab coats" (scientists, science journalists, and interdisciplinary sources) are essential for understanding zoonoses' past and present. This presentation includes an overview of zoonotic disease, its links to environmental degradation, and details about well-known zoonotic diseases in history such as the Black Death, HIV-AIDS, avian influenza. Twenty-first-century challenges mean that the convergence of animal health, human health, and ecosystem health is a new reality and a cross-disciplinary approach is essential.

Barbara's career in public health (immunizations, vaccines) blended well with her research in the history of medicine, focusing on viruses and pandemics.


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